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Transparency, Efficiency, Fairness and Accountability in Public Sector Procurement.


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Reference Documents

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List of Guides, Handbooks and Manuals:

The Rules of the Bid Process Committee (180KB)

Award of the Bid Protest Committee (314KB)

Guyana Procurement Planning Manual – Sept 2010 (414KB)
The purpose of this manual is to describe the preliminary considerations and activities that ensure the success of any procurement effort … and to lay out the foundation of the role of the buyer involved in a ministry or agency’s purchasing authority program. This includes a discussion on the conduct and ethics of the key players during and after the procurement process.

Guyana Public Procurement Guide May 2009 (493KB)
This Manual fulfils two very important functions to help the functioning of the public procurement process, that is: (i) as a reference tool to help the everyday workings of those Officials responsible for public procurement; and (ii) providing a technical teaching aid for those Officials who will act as coaches and mentors to their peers. It serves as a comprehensive set of procurement procedures for all Procuring Entities within Guyana. These provisions cover all goods, services and works in accordance with the countrywide Procurement Act 2003 and subsequent Procurement Regulations.

Standard Evaluation Criteria Handbook for Prequalification and Bidding May 2009 (348KB)
This Evaluation Criteria Handbook has been prepared by the NPTA, for use by all Procuring Entities in the evaluation of prequalifications and bids, in accordance with the provisions of Procurement Act (sec. 17). The principles and procedures outlined are applicable to the procurement of GoodsServices and Works. The Procurement Act (sec 39) requires the Evaluation Committee to submit a “Bid Evaluation Report” to the Procuring Entity within a reasonable period of time, but not longer than fourteen days. This document is intended specifically for assisting the Evaluation Committees members in the evaluation of prequalifications and tender documents procured through an Open Tendering process for both National Competitive Bidding (NCB) and International Competitive Bidding (ICB). It should also prove useful, also in Restricted Tendering, Request for Quotations and with appropriate modifications for usage Community Participation (CP).

National Tender Board Operations Manual Feb 2009 (153KB)
This operations manual has been developed to detail procedures that assist the National Board and their Secretariat (collectively known as NPTA) undertake their role as contracting authorities of procurement on behalf of the Government of Guyana. The manual applies to all Procuring Entities. The manual is intended for the staff of the NPTA Secretariat and Tender Board Members.

Independent Administrative Procurement Complaints System (83KB)
Whenever a complaint is submitted to a procuring entity, the entity shall consider the subject matter of the complaint and decide whether to reject the complaint or to implement any corrective action in order to bring the procurement proceedings in conformity with the Act.